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The material of the silver jewelry is sterling, i.e. 925 (92,5%)  silver. Silver jewelry  inevitably darken slowly. 

You can slow down tarnishing by handling and storing your jewelry correctly. Avoid touching with your fingers as much as possible. Finger grease has the effect of accelerating darkening, so try to handle jewelry by holding, for example, earrings by hooks.  


You can wash the grease and dirt with hot water and dishwashing liquid, but don't rub the jewelry with anything or use a substance with abrasive ingredients.  The basic yellow Fairy is a good, excellent degreaser and works well. Avoid soaps that contain substances that care for hands or surfaces, they can leave a visible film on the silver. 

A piece of jewelry left wet on the table may, when it dries, leave spots near the drops, which can be difficult to remove by washing again. You can press the jewelry clean with a soft towel or paper (wiping will scratch the jewelry). 


Silver jewelry should be stored in its own box or e.g. in minigrip bags, this slows down tarnishing. One excellent storage method is the freezer, but in this case you have to take into account the condensation of moisture on the surface of the jewelry when the cold object is taken back to the warm one. 


Apply hairspray before putting on the earrings, or take the jewelry off for the duration of the hairspray. Please note that the varnish also falls on necklaces or brooches and risks.  Hairspray comes off with washing, but can be challenging to remove. 


Do not polish with toothpaste, it will scratch the jewelry. 

Silver jewelry stays shiny for years if properly cared for and kept. However, if there is a lot of darkening, you should take the jewelry to a professional for cleaning. 

You can always ask me about jewelry cleaning and maintenance! 

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