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The silver I use is 80% recycled and I buy it from the Norwegian company Rasmussen Ky. The silver sliver that is created in my jewelry making ends up as a piece of jewelry or a piece of jewelry through melting. 

The wooden parts of the picture ornaments are certified Finnish wood, I order them from the Finnish company Ilonen puutyö ky. I order the metal parts of the jewelry from a jewelry supplier whose products are tested in Finland for nickel, lead and cadmium.  

I order jewelry boxes and packaging materials from Danish Westpack or domestic Napaka. All packaging materials, boxes and tissue paper are made of FSC-certified material. 


For me, handicraft means that I make a piece of jewelry from start to finish. The so-called semi-finished products are, of course, gallops. If semi-finished products other than studs,  cast parts, or the jewelry is completely cast, I will state it in the description of the jewelry. 


All jewelry is designed by me. I don't produce new models at a fast pace. I feel that constant new collections or "drops" are part of supporting overconsumption, so I strive to make jewelry whose design language lasts over time and the jewelry is passed down to future generations. 


I'm just at the beginning of my journey as a jewelry maker, so at the moment the models remain for sale and my own design language is developing. There may still be many different types of individual jewelry for sale.  


For me, part of responsibility is to respect different cultures. So I wouldn't buy you jewelry whose use is questionable, so you can worry about using my jewelry. I am studying as a jeweler in the Sámi handicraft training program at the Sámi region's educational center. I make traditional jewelry used by the Sámi people and jewelry with Sami influences. of jewelry. Similar jewelry is also used e.g. in the national costume jewelry of Finns and Norwegians. 


My jewelry is high-quality craftsmanship, but no one avoids mistakes. If your jewelry has a manufacturing defect, I will fix it free of charge. 

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