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None of us are perfect or ever ready, that's what makes me me and you you. There is something extraordinarily beautiful in unfinishedness and imperfection, there is humanity and life in it. 


Humanity also includes suffering with oneself and adversity. With the help of an empowering self-image, it is possible to strengthen self-esteem and one's own identity, to look at oneself more acceptingly and gently. To be seen and visible. 


When used correctly, a photo can be reparative in many ways and restore the broken past in us.  I also believe that making different, often invisible, feelings visible with the help of a photograph is wholesome. A self-portrait can also serve as a tool for working through grief and loss, for example after the death of a loved one or a breakup. 

An empowering self-portrait is a versatile and multi-threaded tool for making yourself and your feelings visible and working on them. It can be the simplest self-portrait that you look at with acceptance, more lovingly, or a deeper and more time-consuming process of dealing with something broken, or anything in between. 

The empowering self-portrait is based on the empowering photo method developed by Miina Savolainen, read more at I have studied empowering photography in Miina's teaching and went through the process of my own empowering photography. I am a nurse and a social worker by training, so with me you can safely face the emotions evoked by the photos.

The empowering self-portrait packages I offer always include viewing the photos together, either live or remotely. Photography is a surprisingly powerful medium, so going through the images and the emotions they evoke is an essential part of the process. If you don't miss this or in general you want a lighter version, then Ihana Mi! -description is a more correct choice. 

Ask more if you are interested! 



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