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I make silver jewelry by hand from start to finish. Each piece of jewelry begins with a silver plate, from which it takes its final shape after many manual steps.


In the blog, you can see more about the jewelry manufacturing process, which is very diverse and the tools are quite rough. Basic tools include e.g. saw, pliers, hammer, different machines for example for polishing, different and different sized files, sandpaper and of course fire as an essential part. 

In addition to the price of the silver, the price of the silver jewelry largely depends on the manufacturing time. Of course, a huge number of different wearable tools and company expenses are also included in the price of the jewelry. 


I make picture jewelry, that is, I order the parts ready. All the photos of the wooden parts are taken by me and I modify the photos to fit the jewelry myself. I make the wooden parts in Ilonen Puutyö Ky, where my picture is printed on birch plywood and mechanically cut to shape. The wood part will be painted white below, so that the image repeats better and the wood does not eat so much color. 

The beads I use in picture jewelry are the same ones I use in silver jewelry.

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